Neon Lights

As I approached the entrance there were an array of neon lights hanging besides the road. The purpose of these lights are meant to capture the attention of passersby by informing them of the event currently taking place inside. The local university near my home was hosting an event nearby to where I frequently do my evening jog.


Arabian Nights

We learn more of our own culture by experiencing the cultures of others. Whether we are sampling their food for the first time or experiencing their generous hospitality. Traveling to a different country broadens our perspective of the world. To be honest, I never thought that I would feel comfortable traveling to the Middle East for business. But in the end, I am glad to have been given this opportunity by my company to experience Saudi Arabia.

Shrimp Sashimi

A dish not for the faint of heart, this is not your typical hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party. With a combination of raw shrimp, garlic, and chilies, this dish packs a punch as you take the first bite leaving your tongue numb but igniting pleasure sensors within your brain. It is a love hate relationship, but as endorphins are released, your brain sends a wave of signals cravings for another bite.

Give me the charcoal

It begins by laying the pieces of charcoal into the clay pot which resembles to me more like a bucket. The technique requires an experienced hand to arrange the charcoal and light pieces of paper, initiating the magic. As embers begin to transform into a vibrant flame, the charcoal catches fire. To those whom are accustomed to the fancy BBQ grill, this may seem more of a primitive method to make a meal visually. However, the flavors produced from the burning charcoal are incomparable to anything cooked any kitchen stove.

Satisfy your Craving

From the beautiful aromas that engage your senses which range from sweet, spicy, sour, and salty, Thailand is the perfect destination to indulge your palettes. There are a diverse selection of foods to choose from whether you are in search of new flavors or exotic destinations, Thailand offers it all. From the spicy curries of south to the robust flavors of the Northeastern Provinces of Thailand. Take the leap to satisfy your soul, satisfy your cravings.