Solitary Ramen

Feel uncomfortable entering areas with a big crowd? Is eye contact typically avoided with strangers in an odd setting? Well, this little ramen shop enables the comforts to enjoy ramen in perfect peace and solitude. The best part is, it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Continue reading


Saffron Chicken Skewers

At times the fast pace of life, responsibilities, and everyday work leaves us preoccupied from enjoying the simple things in life. For this, I was fortunate enough to slow down, unwind and have the honor of being invited to a personal friend’s home, whom I had known for more than a decade, and enjoy a truly traditional Persian meal. Nothing compares to having a home cooked meal roasting over an open flame, in the good company of long lasting friends.

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Beyond the Boardwalk

As the sun slowly begins its descent towards the horizon, the calm ocean breeze gives a sense of peace. The calls of the seagulls can be heard in the distance as passerbys on the boardwalk offer them biscuits. This magnificent view can be observed from the comfort of the dining room table as the selection of fresh seafood is fetched nearby and prepared at this local venue.

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Feline Friends

Imagine a shop where diners experience the comforting purrs of cats while enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee. The main attraction here is not the food unfortunately, but the joy of sharing a meal with a feline companion. The various breeds available at this little cafe’ are the British Shorthair, Persian Cat, and my personal favorite, the Sphinx Cat. If have soft spot for adorable kittens, then this shop is worth a visit. Continue reading

Hidden Little Treasure

Sometimes in our quest to find that perfect meal, we tend to overlook the small shops. This little shop in particular had been overlooked countless times during my occasional visits to Pattaya City. With the entire seating arrangements fitting no more than 30 people, it came as no surprise that I had missed it. Had it not been recommended to me by a personal friend I would have never known its existence. Baba Eating House had truly been a hidden little treasure worth finding.

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Passion for Pad Thai

In various cultures around the world, there are different interpretations of what a satisfactory noodle dish would be. From the fresh ingredients exposing the harmonious notes on the tip of the tongue, to the different techniques utilized in its preparation. Italians have their spaghetti, Japanese have their ramen, and Thais, have their masterpiece on a plate, known as the Pad-Thai. Continue reading

Hilton Happiness

What began as a tiny fishing village in the eastern part of Thailand, has developed into a prime destination for tourist seeking to enjoy its famous nightlife and popular beaches. Located near Thailand’s pristine gulf coast, Pattaya City offers a remarkable view of a sunset from the 14th floor of a luxurious 5 star venue. What place is am I referring to, you ask? The location is none other than that of the famous Hilton Hotel.  Continue reading

Dim Sum Dining

Located deep within the heart of Bangkok City, surrounded by tall concrete infrastructures and major shopping outlets such as Central World or Platinum, lies prestigious dim sum chain with 17 locations worldwide, 2 of which are available in Thailand. Acclaimed for their fresh seafood which are gathered in directly from the source, Ah Yat Abalone has the ability to creating a memorable dining experience and leave an everlasting impression on your taste buds.

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Morning Fuel

As the sun rises above the horizon and the birds begin to serenade their morning sonnets, we wake up dreary-eyed from our slumber. Of course our stomachs have been fasting the entire night so naturally our tummies begin to growl. Hunger grabs hold initiating our desire for food. We search for that morning fuel, we search for our morning breakfast. Continue reading

A Taste of Paradise

When meeting someone for the first time, it is customary to ask where are they from or what typical dishes their area is well-known for? When asked this question, I answer with a smile saying, “I am from Hawaii.” Their expression shows a sense of amusement as I go into detail of the well-known dish and local favorite from Hawaii is called Poke. Continue reading