Portland’s All Day Breakfast

As you step through the doors, a beautiful aroma of bacon hits your sensory receptors within your nostrils. You are drawn to the sound of steak sizzling on the grill and regard it as music to your ears. I’ve had my fair share of breakfast places, however, this cozy little restaurant tops the list as it offers incredible food at affordable prices. The best part of this restaurant is that it opens 24 hours/ 7 days a week. Treat yourself to an all day breakfast at The Original Hotcake House.


Comfort Food – Loco Moco (Recipe)

Laid upon a mountain of white jasmine rice rest a well seasoned crispy grilled beef patty. A blanket of thick brown sauce consisting of mushrooms and sliced sweet onions is drizzled over it. A beautifully fried egg is gently placed atop the gravy lathered beef patty. As a fork pierces into the egg, a river of yolk oozes out onto the dish. The combination of flavors are divine. This my friends, is one of the well-known comfort foods of Hawaii known as ‘Loco Moco’.

Try the Tripe

At first glance you might interpret it to be a kitchen cloth mixed with a variety of herbs and seasonings. In fact the name of this popular Isan dish is called Yum Pah Kee Riew’ (ยําผ้าขี้ริ้ว) which translates into a rag salad. Rest assure, no rags were utilized into the making of this dish and the main ingredient is that of cow tripe.

Good Morning Saigon!

When we think of Vietnam we always have that reference to the Vietnam War which occurred many years ago between the communist backed Northern Vietnam and Southern Vietnam. Now the city of Ho Chi Minh also known as Saigon is bustling with life as motorcyclist crowd up the streets. As a kid I had always grown up eating the traditional noodle dish known as Pho. Now I had the opportunity to sample the authentic dish in the country which it was born and samples other exotic flavors from the region.

10 Places to Explore in Thailand’s North – Nan Province

Known as ‘Lanna’ which translates to ‘A Million Rice Fields’, the Northern regions in the Kingdom of Thailand have always captured my fascination. From the beautiful dialect known as ‘kham mueang to the rich flavors of culinary dishes distinguishable from Central and North Eastern Thailand. The mountainous regions allows travelers to capture a glimpse of heaven on earth. This is my personal travels to escape the hustling city life while witnessing historical destinations of Thailand’s rural North and admiring its beautiful scenery.

A Gift to Our Ancestors

Every year it is a tradition to get together and provide offerings to our family members of our past. It is our belief that on a specific day the souls of our deceased ancestors are able to leave the spirit world and enter the realm of the living. Within their time in the living world they are able to spend a day enjoying food offered by living relatives. It is a moment to remember our past and create a bonding experience amongst our family.

Golden Noodles (Recipe)

As my fill of typical rice dishes from the culinary flavors of Thai cooking gets monotonous, an unbearable craving for a good stir fry begins to engulf me. Don’t get me wrong, rice is great, but a noodle dish once in a while would be even better. I envision a metal wok being laid upon red flames brightly dancing over a stove as a consistently thick, dark sauce is being poured onto silky threads of golden noodles. My tummy begins to grumble, yes, now I am hungry.

Street Side Kebab

There is always that sense of appreciation I get for street vendors who truly put their heart into the food they make. From the selection of quality ingredients to the robust flavors of condiments used, the difference can definitely be distinguished between their counterparts at department stores. This shop in particular, has been associated with the joys of sharing a meal and spending time with my father.

Ocean Delicacies (List)

From the beautiful beaches to the luxurious buildings of Thailand’s coastal cities, seafood has always been one of the main attractions for visitors. Known for its vast selection of seafood, Thailand is a popular destination for travelers looking to satisfy those cravings. Our journey into the culinary world of Thai cooking will review how ingredients are combined together to create perfect harmony with a balance of flavors.