Comfort Food – Tonkatsu Curry (Recipe)

For some strange reason I had this urge to eat Japanese food over the weekend. It had made me reminisce of the past when I was living in Hawaii and the huge influence of Japanese culture on the food scene. When I think of Japanese food, I am also met with feeling of nostalgia as it is my go to comfort food. With that I decided to make Japanese Tonkatsu Curry.

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The German Eatery of Ekamai (Bangkok)

As I sat there conversing with my good friend, the waitress, who was dressed in a beautiful German outfit, had brought us liter tall glasses of cloudy beer. The ambiance had made me feel as though I had been situated somewhere in Western Europe. The experience had been a surreal feeling to witness a cozy little restaurant hidden within the concrete jungle of Bangkok.  Continue reading “The German Eatery of Ekamai (Bangkok)”

Prehistoric Egg or Edible Fruit?

To those unfamiliar with the sight would describe its resemblance to that of a prehistoric egg. The characteristics of its odd shape, color, or texture may lead a person to associate that with scales on a reptile. Could it have come from the Jurassic period? Perhaps, it could be from the age where mythical dragons roamed the Earth? Unfortunately, none of the the above are correct. It is simply an edible fruit. Continue reading “Prehistoric Egg or Edible Fruit?”