Thai Spicy Meat & Tomato Dip – Nam Prik Ong (Recipe)

At first glance the dish may be interpreted as a spaghetti sauce given the defined color of the dish and its meaty appearance. In fact this is one of the well known dishes originating from the Northern regions of Thailand. One spoonful of this dish and it is without doubt that the flavor is nothing similar to any Italian meat sauce. A wave of flavors excite the sensors on your palettes as you dive into another spoonful of theĀ ‘Nam Prik Ong’.

This northern dish can be either eaten as a snack with freshly cut cucumber or with a plate of freshly cooked jasmine rice. The beautiful ingredients makes it packed with flavor and capable to be made within half an hour.

Main Ingredients

  • 500 grams mince pork
  • 5 pcs shallots (peeled and cut)
  • 5 pcs garlic cloves (peeled and cut)
  • 2 pcs whole red chilis
  • 500 grams cherry tomatoes
  • 3 pcs of small cucumbers (sliced)

Seasoning Ingredients

  • 3 tablespoons fish sauce
  • 2 tablespoons tamarind juice (if unavailable then use some
  • 1 tablespoon palm sugar

Creating your Dish

  1. In a mortar add shallots, garlic and chilli and ground into a paste
  2. Pour oil into a hot pan and add grounded paste
  3. Stir the paste in the hot oil until aroma is released, then add the minced pork
  4. Pan fry until cooked then added the tomatoes
  5. Cook until tomatoes breakdown into a sauce then add the seasoning of fish sauce, tamarind juice, and palm sugar
  6. Stir constantly until ingredients combine then take off the heat and plate
  7. Add slices of cucumber for garnish and used to eat with the dip
Shallots, garlic and chilis in a wooden mortar
Ground the ingredients into a paste
The spicy meat and tomato dip comes with size of cucumbers

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