Good Morning Saigon!

When we think of Vietnam we always have that reference to the Vietnam War which occurred many years ago between the communist backed Northern Vietnam and Southern Vietnam. Now the city of Ho Chi Minh also known as Saigon is bustling with life as motorcyclist crowd up the streets. As a kid I had always grown up eating the traditional noodle dish known as Pho. Now I had the opportunity to sample the authentic dish in the country which it was born and samples other exotic flavors from the region.

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10 Places to Explore in Thailand’s North – Nan Province

Known as ‘Lanna’ which translates to ‘A Million Rice Fields’, the Northern regions in the Kingdom of Thailand have always captured my fascination. From the beautiful dialect known as ‘kham mueang to the rich flavors of culinary dishes distinguishable from Central and North Eastern Thailand. The mountainous regions allows travelers to capture a glimpse of heaven on earth. This is my personal travels to escape the hustling city life while witnessing historical destinations of Thailand’s rural North and admiring its beautiful scenery.

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A Gift to Our Ancestors

Every year it is a tradition to get together and provide offerings to our family members of our past. It is our belief that on a specific day the souls of our deceased ancestors are able to leave the spirit world and enter the realm of the living. Within their time in the living world they are able to spend a day enjoying food offered by living relatives. It is a moment to remember our past and create a bonding experience amongst our family.

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