Golden Noodles (Recipe)

As my fill of typical rice dishes from the culinary flavors of Thai cooking gets monotonous, an unbearable craving for a good stir fry begins to engulf me. Don’t get me wrong, rice is great, but a noodle dish once in a while would be even better. I envision a metal wok being laid upon red flames brightly dancing over a stove as a consistently thick, dark sauce is being poured onto silky threads of golden noodles. My tummy begins to grumble, yes, now I am hungry.

Fueled by my hunger I proceed to buy the ingredients at the local market which would complete my stir fry dish. The list of ingredients gathered are the following:

Ingredients (for individual serving)

Fresh ingredients for the golden noodle dish

Main Ingredients

  • Egg Noodles (1 pack)
  • Shitake Mushrooms (3 – 4 pcs)
  • Red Onions (half an onion)
  • Cabbage (a fourth of cabbage)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (5-10 pcs)
  • Carrots (half a carrot)
  • Fresh Chili Peppers (1-2 pcs)
  • Garlic Cloves (3-4 pcs)
  • Choice of Meat Protein (2 oz)


  • Sugar (1 tsp)
  • Oyster Sauce (2 Tbsp)
  • Fish Sauce (2 Tbsp)
  • Crushed Black Pepper (1 tsp)

Method for Preparation

Chopped ingredients ready for the stir fry
Boil and drain the egg noodle in a colander
  1. Mince garlic, slice chilis, chop vegetables, and meat into small pieces for consumption (per picture reference above)
  2. Boil egg noodles for approximately 1-2 minutes. Should not over cook it other it will be too soft for the stir fry. Drain out water with a colander and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process
  3. As the surface of the wok gets hot and no traces of water are apparent, evenly distribute oil
  4. Once the smoke rises from the heated oil add the preferred meat into the wok while stirring constantly to prevent it from burning
  5. When the meat is nearly cooked, add the minced garlic and chopped chili peppers
  6. As the aromas of the chili and garlic begin to engage in your senses, add chopped vegetables (cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes)
  7. To soften the vegetables, add 1/4 cup of water to the mixture
  8. Allow the water to slowly reduce while add seasoning of oyster sauce, fish sauce, and sugar
  9. The sauce and water should emulsify allowing you to added the egg noodles
  10. Mix the noodles and sauce on low heat until the flavors become attached to the noodle
  11. Serve and eat
Final product of veggies and egg noodles

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