Solitary Ramen

Feel uncomfortable entering areas with a big crowd? Is eye contact typically avoided with strangers in an odd setting? Well, this little ramen shop enables the comforts to enjoy ramen in perfect peace and solitude. The best part is, it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Restaurant Setting

Diners sit side-by-side with wooden boards dividing the sections

Diner’s sit next to each other in what resembles a small cubicle. Wooden dividers can be folded should you wish to enjoy your ramen with your date or significant other.

Seating resembles a small cubicle

A perfect paradise for introverts who enjoy their own company, this ramen shop allows diners to select their food without any verbal communication.

Ramen preference can be selected according to options listed

Customize your Ramen

With a menu listing ramen preference, diners can select the following:

  • Texture of the ramen – soft to firm
  • Spicy rating – mild to spicy
  • Garnishes – spring onions, welsh onions, garlic
  • Richness of Soup – bland to salty
  • Meats – lean to fatty slices of pork


Bowl of steaming hot ramen

Optional Side Dishes

  • Pork chashu (lean or fatty)
  • Fried Gyoza
  • Boil egg
  • Pickled ginger
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Jew’s ear mushrooms
Side dish of lean pork chashu

Once dishes have been ordered, a red call button alerts the person behind the bamboo curtain to pick up the order and serve your customized ramen.

Seating arrangements of the shop

Payment System

As you enter the ramen shop you are greeted by a personnel who direct you through the payment process. There is a card payment system which allows diners to input money onto the card which then get deducted from items ordered from the menu.

Money card payment system

Upon completing your meal the card is returned to the front desk and remaining balance is provided back to the diner.


About 30 minutes from Thailand’s international airport, this shop is in the quiet neighborhood of Hua Mak. Looking to find this shop? Find it here on google maps at A Ramen.

Price Review

A bowl of ramen will cost approximately USD 5 (THB 150/ bowl) which is quite decent considering the amount of noodles and meat given in the dish. Should you order a few side dishes, total cost incurred can be up to USD 10.


My rating for this shop would be 4.5 out of 5 stars. The ramen broth had been very delicious and the setting was quite clean and wonderful. The only issue is that due to its high popularity, there is a long queue as seating is quite limited.

Although the shop has parking stalls for your car, during the rush hours, it can be quite difficult to find parking as it is in the residential area. It is recommended if you have a motorbike, there is available parking near the entrance of the shop.

Also, I wish there would be more options to the beverages provided besides water on the tap. Other than that, I would highly recommend this ramen shop.






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