Golden Noodles (Recipe)

As my fill of typical rice dishes from the culinary flavors of Thai cooking gets monotonous, an unbearable craving for a good stir fry begins to engulf me. Don’t get me wrong, rice is great, but a noodle dish once in a while would be even better. I envision a metal wok being laid upon red flames brightly dancing over a stove as a consistently thick, dark sauce is being poured onto silky threads of golden noodles. My tummy begins to grumble, yes, now I am hungry. Continue reading “Golden Noodles (Recipe)”


Street Side Kebab

There is always that sense of appreciation I get for street vendors who truly put their heart into the food they make. From the selection of quality ingredients to the robust flavors of condiments used, the difference can definitely be distinguished between their counterparts at department stores. This shop in particular, has been associated with the joys of sharing a meal and spending time with my father. Continue reading “Street Side Kebab”

Ocean Delicacies (List)

From the beautiful beaches to the luxurious buildings of Thailand’s coastal cities, seafood has always been one of the main attractions for visitors. Known for its vast selection of seafood, Thailand is a popular destination for travelers looking to satisfy those cravings. Our journey into the culinary world of Thai cooking will review how ingredients are combined together to create perfect harmony with a balance of flavors. Continue reading “Ocean Delicacies (List)”

Solitary Ramen

Feel uncomfortable entering areas with a big crowd? Is eye contact typically avoided with strangers in an odd setting? Well, this little ramen shop enables the comforts to enjoy ramen in perfect peace and solitude. The best part is, it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Continue reading “Solitary Ramen”

Saffron Chicken Skewers

At times the fast pace of life, responsibilities, and everyday work leaves us preoccupied from enjoying the simple things in life. For this, I was fortunate enough to slow down, unwind and have the honor of being invited to a personal friend’s home, whom I had known for more than a decade, and enjoy a truly traditional Persian meal. Nothing compares to having a home cooked meal roasting over an open flame, in the good company of long lasting friends.

Continue reading “Saffron Chicken Skewers”