Beyond the Boardwalk

As the sun slowly begins its descent towards the horizon, the calm ocean breeze gives a sense of peace. The calls of the seagulls can be heard in the distance as passerbys on the boardwalk offer them biscuits. This magnificent view can be observed from the comfort of the dining room table as the selection of fresh seafood is fetched nearby and prepared at this local venue.

Restaurant lays on a cement pillars atop the ocean floor

What resembles a rugged beach house on stilts in need of a desperate renovation, gives a vintage feel to the restaurant. Despite its unattractive appearance, visitors queue up to sample the culinary flavors from the sea and stroll down this majestic boardwalk.

Biscuits can be purchased and offered to the seagulls
Seagull waits for biscuits to fulfill its tummy
Wide view of the entire boardwalk with benches to sit and enjoy the ocean breeze

Located on the outskirts of Thailand’s capital city, Kop fah laa dta-wan (ขอบฟ้าลาตะวัน) restaurant, translates ‘The Horizon bids farewell to the Sun, overlooks the ocean in Thailand’s Gulf. Visitors whom enjoy a nice stroll near the beach can view the location here.

Fried whole fish in a Butterfly fillet cut
Razor Shells stir fried in sweet chili with soybean oil, sweet basil, and white onions
Clear Tom Yum Soup with an assortment of seafood
With features resembling an earthworm, this is the razor shell

As the venue is quite small, it comes as no surprise that an enormous waiting list is required to include contact name and phone number.

Once seated, my friend and I had ordered 4 dishes all which came at different intervals of the meal. The experience of having to wait for the next dish as you slowly eat plain rice was quite frustrating. The flavor of the dishes had not excited my palettes as I would have wanted it to with service lacking well-trained personnel. However, the entire meal of 4 dishes had cost about USD 25.

My rating for this venue would be 2.5 of 5 stars due to the delay of the service.

Group of motoring parachuters gliding overhead
The sun begins its descent towards the horizon
Seagull flaps its wings
Seagulls flocking together as the air cools and the sun sets

Apart from the dining experience, the most enjoyable part was viewing the sunset as flocks of seagulls glided by. Vivid colors of red slowly fade into purple contrasting the hues from the sun’s diminishing rays over the horizon. Night had arrived, as you leave the boardwalk.


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