Feline Friends

Imagine a shop where diners experience the comforting purrs of cats while enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee. The main attraction here is not the food unfortunately, but the joy of sharing a meal with a feline companion. The various breeds available at this little cafe’ are the British Shorthair, Persian Cat, and my personal favorite, the Sphinx Cat. If have soft spot for adorable kittens, then this shop is worth a visit.

Entrance to Catfeine House & Cafe’

Catfeine House & Cafe’ is located near Thailand’s industrial city of Sriracha and offers the experience to dine with cats. Situated on one of the major roads connecting Bangkok to Pattaya (a popular tourist city) parking is quite limited and visitors are required to park the main road. The location of the shop can be viewed here.

Interior layout of shop enable cats to run and climb about

Upon entering the shop, rules of the house require visitors to remove their shoes and thoroughly wash their hands. This is just a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of any foreign contaminants to their cats.

Strawberry Soda with a kitty companion

There are an assortment of beverages including lattes, cappuccino, italian sodas and cakes. Appetizers from the food menu have french fries and chicken nuggets.

Creamy and smooth Oreo cake with a thick cocoa drink
Ham and pineapple pizza with seasoning of oregano and peppers
Time to relax after mingling with visitors
Kitty looks on while you drink your coffee
Cats are free to wander around

Scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, no wonder people find comfort in sharing the company of these feline friends.


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