Hidden Little Treasure

Sometimes in our quest to find that perfect meal, we tend to overlook the small shops. This little shop in particular had been overlooked countless times during my occasional visits to Pattaya City. With the entire seating arrangements fitting no more than 30 people, it came as no surprise that I had missed it. Had it not been recommended to me by a personal friend I would have never known its existence. Baba Eating House had truly been a hidden little treasure worth finding.

As you enter the restaurant, a wave full of beautiful aromas tickle your senses. The layout of the shop exposes the kitchen area which enables diners to get a glimpse of menu items being constructed. Like an artist painting on an open canvas, the swiftness of chef’s hand movements seem effortless.


Vegetable quesadilla with cauliflower, pumpkin, peppers, and mozzarella cheese

There is without doubt that Chef Ann, owner of Baba Eating House, has had many years working in the culinary trade. She was able to capture the flavors of food throughout her years living abroad. The selected menu items include an array of pastas, salads, and steaks along with beverages including freshly squeezed juices, coffee, and tea. The presentation of each dish had been so visually appealing I began to feel a sense of guilt for consuming dishes displayed so beautifully.

Slow roasted pork belly on top red bell peppers with side of Yukon gold potatoes
Smoked salmon, breaded beetroot with fresh greens, baby pickle and buttery spread

The dish that was the star of the show had been Chef Ann’s weekly special. The special included smoked salmon folded in the shape petals to a flower, laid upon breaded beetroot fried until golden brown. Side of vinaigrette salad had been used to balance the richness from the salmon. The chef’s specials vary from week to week enabling diners to sample a variety of different ingredients.

Vanilla ice cream with creme’ brulee and lady fingers

Served with creme’ brulee and lady fingers, the vanilla ice cream came highly recommended as the ice cream is made in-house and not excessively sweet.

Desserts are showcased for diners selection

So if you ever have the urge for home cooked meals in a nice cozy environment, be sure to visit Baba Eating House. Keep in mind that hidden little treasures are found in places where it’s least expected. So be sure to keep your eyes open in your continuous exploration to satisfy those incredible cravings.


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