Hilton Happiness

What began as a tiny fishing village in the eastern part of Thailand, has developed into a prime destination for tourist seeking to enjoy its famous nightlife and popular beaches. Located near Thailand’s pristine gulf coast, Pattaya City offers a remarkable view of a sunset from the 14th floor of a luxurious 5 star venue. What place is am I referring to, you ask? The location is none other than that of the famous Hilton Hotel.¬†

The Edge Restaurant, located at the Hilton Pattaya, offers exquisitely themed buffets according to days of the week. The scheduled themes can be viewed here. Depending on the day selected, the variety available can range from sushi, bbq, or seafoods. As the buffet is all you can eat, be sure to get your helping of seconds.

Assortment of deli and cheese at Edge Restaurant (Hilton, Pattaya)

With it’s marvelous interior design, diners have the option to either select indoor seating or feel the natural ocean breeze from the open air patio. Should the window seat overlooking the beachfront be requested, then reservations are recommended to be made beforehand as they get filled up quite quickly.

Hilton dining room.jpg
Dining area of The Edge Restaurant (Hilton Pattaya)

The price for this dinner buffet is approximately 30 USD per person not including any beverages. However, given the vast selection of quality ingredients and the beautiful ambience of the restaurant, it was well worth the expense. Definitely one of my choices if I were to plan a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or a romantic dinner.

Tender beef roast with sweet succulent ham


Fresh selection of sushi offered at the dinner buffet
Salami, parma ham with wheat bread and brie cheese
The sun’s descent can be observed from the outdoor patio

Once the main course has been devoured and you have saved enough room in your stomach for desserts, be sure to sample the fruity puddings, delectable custards, and the chocolate fountain.

Sweets on display including a chocolate fountain

The entire experience of dinner had been truly unforgettable. So be sure to give in to your cravings, satisfy your soul, achieve your happiness in your food.


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