Dim Sum Dining

Located deep within the heart of Bangkok City, surrounded by tall concrete infrastructures and major shopping outlets such as Central World or Platinum, lies prestigious dim sum chain with 17 locations worldwide, 2 of which are available in Thailand. Acclaimed for their fresh seafood which are gathered in directly from the source, Ah Yat Abalone has the ability to creating a memorable dining experience and leave an everlasting impression on your taste buds.

With it’s lusciously decorated dining rooms consisting of pearly white covered tables to the meticulously well-dressed staff, the appropriate attire for dining at this prestigious restaurant is recommended to be semi-formal. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the Arnoma Hotel. Price range at this venue is categorized as high-end.

Light crispy duck salad with rockets, tomatoes, and onions

The course had begun with a lightly tossed salad with veggies and crispy duck and an assortment of dim sum dishes steamed to perfection. From shrimp dumplings to juicy pork shaomai, the atmosphere of the restaurant is family style dining meaning dishes are shared between one another on the table thus creating a closer bond between members at the table.

Tender Pork Shumai with red pepper

Apart from the delicious variety of dim sum dishes and stir fried noodles presented, my personal favorite and star of the entire dining experience had been the lobster. The dish had been cooked to perfection. With incisions made on the lobster’s exterior shell, diners are easily able to break and gather the sweet delicate meat inside.

Sweet lobster lathered with a sweet and salty sauce

Belonging to the category of large sea snails, one of the trademarks dishes is the Abalone. From what I’ve come to understand, without proper cooking techniques, Abalone can be tough and unsatisfying. However, the Abalone served here had a smooth creamy texture which was complimented by the vegetables and shitake mushroom. Although the portion was quite small, it was worth every bite.

Braised abalone with vegetables and shiitake mushrooms

So if you are ever visiting the shopping districts of downtown Bangkok and have the sudden urge for Dim Sum, then I would highly recommend this place. Give it a try and let us know what your personal Dim Sum favorites are.


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