Neon Lights

As I approached the entrance there were an array of neon lights hanging besides the road. The purpose of these lights are meant to capture the attention of passersby by informing them of the event currently taking place inside. The local university near my home was hosting an event nearby to where I frequently do my evening jog.

Neon lights invite visitors to attend the event

Think of it somewhat like a county fair combined with a flea market. The atmosphere gives people the opportunity to get together, shop, play a few games, win prizes or devour delicious food while enjoying the company of close friends or family.

Variety of BBQs all lathered with a sweet spicy sauce

The delicious BBQ sticks are the most favorable amongst the university students given its ease of eating and capability to be taken on the go. A typical BBQs will consist of the meat of choice with cherry tomatoes, onions, green chili, and pineapple. The BBQ in this market had composed of chicken, pork, sausages, with pieces of corn.

Vendor making a stir fried in a mixture consisting of mussels, oysters, with eggs and tapioca starch

For those of you who cannot stand the idea of being alone in a room filled with creepy insects, let alone think of even devouring them, then I would suggest not to view the picture below. Those who ever ate a meal and found a bug in their dish but reluctantly tossed it aside while proceeding to eat as if nothing happened, then this dish is worth a try. Considered as nature’s miracle superfood, these tasty morsels are rich in protein and low on fat from what I’m told. However, don’t change your diet entirely to bugs if you are trying to lose weight to fit into that suit or wedding dress.

Deep fried insects with pandan leaves and spices lift the flavors of the dish

The insects available range from crickets, grasshoppers, to silk worms which are fried in hot oil which have been scented with pandan leaves. A mixture of soy sauce and crushed black pepper are added to accentuate the flavors of the bugs.

Grilled intestines and other organs of the pig

Various parts of the animal are used when cooking on the grill. When properly cleaned the internal organs such as the intestines can be utilized to provide a savory flavored appetizer.

Roasted green bananas with coconut flavored glazed

The desserts available range from crepe-like sweets made from flour, coconut milk, and egg yolks. Another custom sweets are green bananas roasted until soft and tender then topped with a glaze which consist of coconut milk and palm sugar giving it a rich creamy flavor, satisfying your taste buds.

Variety of desserts made with cream and egg yolks
Students from the university speculate the concert

So if the glare of neon lights happens to catch your eye, be sure to follow it. The path will lead you to experience everyday people like you and I offering flavors of their culture and traditions. Take this opportunity to satisfy your soul while fulfilling your incredible cravings.


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