Life’s a Beach

About an hour drive from the bustling city capital of Bangkok lies the town of Chonburi. Situated near the Gulf of Thailand, this location is an ideal place for leisure time. Whether it is sampling the freshest seafood or partaking in the available beach activities, Chonburi is adored by both locals and foreign travelers.

Boats parked at the docks where fishermen bring in their catch

In the early hours of the morning we can witness fishermen ride out to sea searching for their latest catch to be sold for those awaiting eagerly at the harbor. The vast selection of seafood items found may consist of shrimp, clams, oysters or even the ancient looking horseshoe crab. Indeed, Chonburi is seafood heaven for foodies wanting to sample the delicacies of the Gulf for a moderate price.

Miniature clams bathed in a salt water mixture to create a flavored condiment

Not far from the harbor lies a small mountain, named ‘Khao Samukinhabited with monkeys. Here visitors passing in their cars can purchase bananas, cucumbers, or peanuts from street side vendors to offer the monkeys a delicious treat. For those brave enough to leave the safety of their vehicles can get up close and personally hand them food. The rewards of getting close offers the ability to capture intimate moments of our furry little cousins like the picture shown below.

Our little buddy enjoying bananas offered by passing tourist

So for those who had enough of Bangkok’s concrete jungle and wish enjoy the ocean breeze and nature, then Chonburi is an adventurer’s place to explore.


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