Sweet sensations

The human brain lights up when sugary sweets are consumed, similar to that of an addict after getting their fix. Typically, as we finish our main course, it is often within our desires to search for some sugary goodness to wrap up our meal. From pies to pastries, crepes to waffles, we search to fulfill our sweet tooth addiction.

There had been a craze in Thailand for the popular Korean dessert known as ‘Bingsu’. This deliciously constructed dessert composes of creamy shaved milk resembling soft, powdered snow with an adornment of fresh fruits ranging from strawberries, honey dew, mango, and wait for it, cheese, all balanced in harmony in sugary goodness. A scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream is added to the top of this dessert mountain, drizzled with a fruity syrup which accentuates the contrast to the sea of white. To enhance the creaminess factor, it is optional to pour a small cup of sweetened condensed milk included with the dessert.

For those that haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in this dessert, consider giving it a try. Trust me, your body will thank you later for satisfying your soul and your inner cravings.


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