Give me the charcoal

It begins by laying the pieces of charcoal into the clay pot which resembles to me more like a bucket. The technique requires an experienced hand to arrange the charcoal and light pieces of paper, initiating the magic. As embers begin to transform into a vibrant flame, the charcoal catches fire. To those whom are accustomed to the fancy BBQ grill, this may seem more of a primitive method to make a meal visually. However, the flavors produced from the burning charcoal are incomparable to anything cooked any kitchen stove.

The proper techniques which I observed cooking with charcoal was witnessed from a friend. The amount of care taken on the charcoal to create the desired cooking temperatures are comparable to that of nurturing an infant. It is only until the charcoal exhibits an ashy grey color with a consistent temperature does the preferred meat get placed on top of the grill. Normally, people would have the impression that bigger flames would provide better results. However, under these circumstances, the dish may end up being well-down or even burnt, ruining the your special marinade completely.

The contents of the grill are flipped constantly with one hand tending to the grill and another clutching a glass of cold beer as you converse with your friends. A final visual check is taken to confirm the savory meat is completed and is slided off the grill onto a porcelain plate to rest. As you take your first bite, the senses from both your tongue and nostril work in unison to send signals directly to your brain of the smoky flavor essence. You take a big sign and ask yourself, “Could this be a taste from heaven?”. A slight smirk comes across your face now that you have satisfied your soul, satisfied your craving.


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