Satisfy your Craving

From the beautiful aromas that engage your senses which range from sweet, spicy, sour, and salty, Thailand is the perfect destination to indulge your palettes. There are a diverse selection of foods to choose from whether you are in search of new flavors or exotic destinations, Thailand offers it all. From the spicy curries of south to the robust flavors of the Northeastern Provinces of Thailand. Take the leap to satisfy your soul, satisfy your cravings.

For those of you whom are unfamiliar with the picture reference shown, this is a traditional Thai dish called ‘Som Tum’ which is Papaya Salad. This dish is quite cheap and can normally be found from street side vendors or push carts. An initial thought from the name ‘Papaya Salad’ would have certain people interpret the ingredients used to be the slimy, sweet orange texture of ripe papaya. Although this dish does use Papaya, an unripe green papaya is used to build the whole of the dish.

There are many different levels to this dish due to its various ingredients not commonly used by western-style cooking. So set aside your typical seasoning of salt and pepper, and grab your new set of flavors. Complementing the unripe green papaya is the combination of fresh garlic, aromatic chilis, citrusy lime, fish sauce, fermented fish paste known as ‘pla rah’ and palm sugar. All these ingredients are mixed into a wooden or stone mortar before shredded pieces of green papaya are included. To lift the dish, tomatoes and string beans along with raw black rice paddy crabs are added for the final touch. With so many flavors orchestrated onto one plate, one bite releases a symphony of flavors into your mouth. For those visiting Thailand, one should not miss out on this experience.


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